Secret gardens and secluded courtyards

Some friends are visiting us in Paris, so that means getting out and seeing the sights, including parks that are hidden away in corners that you only find if you wander off the beaten path.


Square George Cain in the Marais district.


All the rain we’ve been having means spring is here! Flowers in Square George Cain.

Version 2

A hidden garden across the street from Square George Cain. There were signs for some museum accessed from (or near) the garden, but looking it up on Google maps, I couldn’t find it or even any reference to this space. Truly a secret garden…

We also visited the Carnavalet Museum, a wonderful free museum focused on the history of Paris and especially the French Revolution. It has plenty of fascinating objects, such as historic merchant signs, furniture, and artwork. We’ve been before, and it’s a good thing: the entire wing devoted to the Revolution is closed for renovation until the end of 2019! So this time we enjoyed what we could, checked out the gift shop and headed to lunch.


A view of the courtyard at the Carnavalet. One of our friends is really into black and white photography right now, so I had to take a few as well.


Another shot of the courtyard. Too bad it’s so hard to find anything worth taking a picture of in Paris. 

The Marais is always worth a visit. We’ll definitely be visiting more than a few times before our time here is up.

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Spring morning

A spring morning in Paris.


Being apartment dwellers, we don’t have a garden. But this hidden spot is just a short walk away. A block from the Seine and with a view of the Tower.


A pathway leads back to this spot I like that I mentioned in a previous post: