98 days…

Fewer than a hundred days. That’s all we have left of our time living in Paris. To be precise, in 98 days we’ll be back in Seattle. It’ll go quickly, I have no doubt. Visitors, day trips, gigs, trying to see all the things we haven’t seen yet… the time will be gone before we know it.

FullSizeRender (1)

This weekend has been another long one for the girls due to Ascension, which meant no school Thursday or Friday. And right after two weeks of spring break! And they get the Monday for Pentecost off as well. (The schedule here really is ridiculous. And it’s amusing to me how the French are very adamant about their separation of church and state and their secular ideals–my French teacher has mentioned how important this value is a number of times–and yet they get boatloads of days off for religious holidays.)

Over the past few days we picnicked in some parks and took in the Foundation Louis Vuitton (a modern art gallery, and where I took all these pictures). Tomorrow the Champs-Elysées will be closed to car traffic, which means I’m actually interested in going there! They did the same thing last September and it was a fun time.



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