In case you were wondering…

What’s the most popular post so far here at A Year with Mona? I know you’ve been dying to know. Well, here’s a roundup of the top five.


Far and away the most popular (and most shared on Facebook) is “Mugging on the Metro“–the story of the time I saw a guy snatch a woman’s cell phone right out of her hands and flee the scene.

A distant second is “This is the end…” An account of my progress with writing the end of my novel and how to make endings work in general. This one’s a bit of surprise, really: after a handful of reads when I wrote it last December, now this post, far more than any other, gets consistently read (or at least opened). Almost every day, people search for “the end,” and end up here.

Coming in next is “Move to Paris. Join rock band.” What can I say, being in a band is cool, right?

In fourth: “Learning things about France I never expected I’d need to learn–like how to go in for surgery“–easily the post with the longest title, and which shows that unexpected drama always makes for good reading.

And finally: “Dark night in the City of Lights“–my story of our experience on the night of the terrorist attacks last November.

What the heck, here are two more good ones about the challenges–some real, some more on the order of “first world problems”–of living in Paris:

I live in Paris. And I’m miserable.

Trouble in paradise

Thanks for stopping by!


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