A walk in the sun

Leap Day. What to do with an extra day in February? Better yet: an extra day without French class! (And no, I’m not even disappointed that I’d reviewed my homework, got my Americano brewed, and walked down to class–just five minutes away–only to discover it was cancelled.)

With the sun shining (rain is supposed to be back on the way soon), it was time to get outside and off the beaten path. So today that meant Parc Monceau and the Église Saint-Augustin in the huitième arrondissement.

IMG_2196 (1).jpg

It was chilly, but the ducks didn’t seem to mind the cold. Not sure what the pyramid structure is. Random mausoleum? Ostentatious park maintenance storage facility? Entrance to a secret underground Illuminati stronghold? If you know, leave a comment!

IMG_2207 (1).jpg

The Saint Augustine church doesn’t even merit a mention in my guidebook. In any other town it would be the star of the show, but Paris has an abundance of riches.

From there it was off to Starbucks to do some writing with my headphones in, since the guy next to me was slouched snoring in his seat. After last week, my writing goals today were much more modest: just get some writing–any writing–done.


4 thoughts on “A walk in the sun

    • Thanks! Well, I got a little–a very little–novel writing done, put up this blog, and worked on a much more involved blog post for the future. So, I made my goal of writing *something*… Tomorrow: more novel writing. The next scene awaits. Deep breath; it’s getting into some complicated waters.

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      • Deep breath…I’ve taken a break from my novel for several weeks. It feels good, a little naughty, but I’ve decided that until I get my desk clutter cleared, I can no longer procrastinate! I’ve half-way there! Good luck 🙂

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