A surprise in Châtelet

A word to the wise: don’t, under any circumstances, if you can at all avoid it, unless your idea of a good time is forgetting what the outside world looks like… use the Châtelet métro stop in Paris. It’s an endless labyrinth of interlaced corridors that go on and on and on–so that you’ll swear you’ve already walked farther than you’re even going to go on the blasted métro (if you ever get to it). And you might be right.

Five métro lines intersect down there and you can also connect to three different RER lines at the Châtelet-Les Halles station (which is technically a distinct station from the métro stop, and is the largest underground train station in the world), that is, if you’re willing to put in the steps.

But sometimes it’s more work to avoid it. And sometimes–like today–it’s nice to get out of the rain. And sometimes, you’re rewarded with something unexpected.

I’ve posted before about the music scene on the métro, both on the trains and in the stations. Today we enjoyed something special:

Four violins. One viola. Two cellos. And some nice resonance in the tunnels. I usually avoid Châtelet; today I’m glad I passed through.


5 thoughts on “A surprise in Châtelet

  1. Love the “concert” and how special for your rainy day! Am hoping you and Merideth are having some days if joy together! Dad has had a bad cold – not talking much! Otherwise all is well here. Love, Mom

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  2. I think it would take me quite a while to get used to navigating the tunnels there {or let’s face it, anywhere!}. I’ve spent most of my life as a driver and get turned around catching buses, I can only imagine the difficulty being underground and not being able to see the landmarks to know that I’ve caught the wrong line! Thank you for insight 🙂

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