A dream fulfilled

Last Saturday while I was playing tunes at the Australian Embassy with the Doodads (the cover band I’ve been playing with here in Paris–I’ll post about that more soon), Merideth was 5,659 miles away in Temecula, California.

While I was wearing out my fingers on the bass… really workin’ hard… yeah…


She was leaping over fire!


It was her second Spartan Race, but this one was a dream come true: running it with her dad.


Nearly 9 miles and 28 obstacles later, they finished!

Victory Shot

What’s next for her??? Well, there’s a Spartan race in the Paris area coming up in June…


4 thoughts on “A dream fulfilled

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! First wow, she ran the race. Second wow, she ran it with her dad. What an awesome experience. Third wow, she looks so strong, healthy and happy! I want to be like her when I grow up. I have walked through fire, too, giggle, giggle. You know what I mean. For now the thought of her makes me smile and I keep doing stretches and strengthening. So far these past couple of weeks I have seen a real improvement in strength, flexibility and a decline of pain/discomfort. So I am going to save her picture and be inspired all of Lent. Love to you all, oh just in case I don’t get back to my emails… Happy Valentines from yours in Helena.

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    • Yes, she is happy! All those smiles are real. She says she didn’t even know when they were taking pictures (except for at the end when they’re posing, of course). Glad to hear you’re having less pain. Have a wonderful season of Lent. And Happy Valentine’s to you as well.


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