Paris has been invaded

Look up: invaders are everywhere in Paris. And you never know where you’ll see the next one. In this city overflowing with Very Important Art, some of the most fun to find are the mosaic tile creations that are lurking in corners all over the city. If you visit, don’t worry about missing your chance to spot one; the anonymous artist celebrated the creation of his 1,000th work here back in June of 2011. So go for a walk. Chances are you’ll find a place where he’s left his mark.

IMG_5881 (1)

Some are classic invaders, but you never know what you might find.

And if you look long enough, you’re sure to see a familiar face or two.

Finding new invaders is one of our favorite things about exploring Paris. Evelyn even has an app for it–take a picture of each one you find and score points–like these alien guys are demonstrating…





4 thoughts on “Paris has been invaded

  1. I knew about them before moving here (we’d seen them on previous visits), but I was a bit naïve about just how many there are. “Maybe we’ll get pictures of all them!” I thought. Yeah, sure. Good luck with that! It would be a full-time job.


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