Where to write

If you’re going to write, you might as well find a beautiful place to do it. I’m happy to write at home, on the couch, on the floor, at the dining table, or even at a desk, but I also love to get out and find new places. It’s Paris, after all; time to make the most of it!

Coffee conundrum

Coffee shops here, sad to say, can’t really compete with what we’ve got going on in America. Expensive joe in small cups in places that aren’t terribly laptop friendly. And even most cafés that are good for setting up the computer don’t have the greatest coffee. So, while I never imagined it happening here, Starbucks has become my friend. I’ve found a few I like (and they’re just like you’d imagine), but I’ve got my sights on one that I just learned about that’s nothing like what’s back home in the States. Stay tuned.

One great coffee place that recently opened is run by the famed Shakespeare & Co. (which also has a room in the bookstore where you can read or write or hang out as well). Good coffee and views of Notre Dame? Absolutely!


Writing very quietly

If the coffee isn’t that great, why not just hit the library? Why not, indeed! We have a membership at the American Library in Paris, which is great for checking out books (I just picked up three by Ray Bradbury) and videos, but it’s a bit sterile as far as the writing environment goes. But this is Paris, so have no fear, an opulent library isn’t far.

Today I joined the Bibliothèque Mazarine, fifteen euros for a year’s access. If you’ve been to Paris, you’ve probably seen the dome of the building it’s housed in:


View from the Pont des arts (the Love Lock bridge–although the locks are gone now)

It’s full of old, rare books and is run with military precision. You must clear security, check in, and then are assigned a specific place to sit. Don’t even think about talking or eating or drinking or taking photographs unless you want to lose your visa and be on the next flight to wherever the French dump enemies of the state. But once settled inside, it’s a wonderful place to work. I think I’ll be spending more time at the library than ever before.


Don’t worry, I found these photos online. I didn’t want to lose my privileges on my first day!


4 thoughts on “Where to write

  1. Loved this blog as I know Starbucks is not your favorite! I can just picture you, Jerry and Ann Marie choosing different haunts in Paris! Loved the photos too! Enjoy!

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  2. I have been in awe of your gorgeous images — what a fantastic experience your having! I’ll be sure to poke around your site to see how you’re taking most of your pictures; the quality really is extraordinary! Thank you for another fantastic post (and pleasantly surprised to see you also write longhand, not just via laptop!)!

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    • Thanks! Pictures are courtesy of iPhone 6. I almost always do some cropping and color tweaking to get them the way I want.
      Longhand writing is indispensable! I think it’s safe to say most of my best fiction writing involves a good chunk time writing longhand. For some reason I’m able to dig deeper into getting vivid images going than when I only type.

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      • Agreed! I’ve found the more I write, the dialogue is much easier via typing — but the story literally flows with longhand. It took a lot for me to even try to type, which is what I’m using my blog to get more experience – more as a convenience than as a replacement. Thank you so much for your lovely images and thought-provoking writing.

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