Paris Manga and Sci-Fi Show

After all the charm of the half-timbered buildings in Colmar, it was time for something completely different: some cosplay at the Paris Manga and Sci-Fi Show! Evelyn and Carolyn put together some fun outfits and we braved the hordes crammed into the expo center. Easily half the fun was seeing the costumes people came up with. We perused rows and rows of merchandise, saw people playing retro video games, got some photos, and enjoyed seeing John Rhys-Davies, of Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings fame. It was also the worst experience I’ve had yet with wafting b.o.! Maybe it was just that so many people were crammed in a relatively small space and many in elaborate costumes…


Venturing into the show


The girls enjoyed this as much as the great museums of Paris!


Carolyn and a Malificent cosplayer

IMG_8546 IMG_8552

Alice in Wonderland and Wolverine cosplayers


Something for us old school types


Who would win?


Some blue box thing…


Seeing John Rhys-Davies was the highlight for me. This woman asked him what it was like to act with Orlando Bloom (who played Legolas in the LOTR films). He took her hand and told her that “this very hand shook the hand of Orlando Bloom. You’ll never wash your hand again. I haven’t.”


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