Amid all the moving in, some of our highlights so far have been reconnecting with friends who have happened to be in Paris as well. Last Sunday we met our friends (and pastor), the Trainers, at the American Church in Paris for their afternoon service. From there we enjoyed a lunch at a cafe on Rue Cler and then crossed the Seine to the Avenue Champs Elysées. We picked up heavenly macaroons at Ladurée and ogled expensive cars (in the showroom and on the street). The kids had fun imitating the scary looking representation of Liberty on the Arc de Triomphe before heading down to see the Eiffel Tower.


Friends on the Seine


…and dreaming of cute cars


The Arc de Triomphe

IMG_5847  IMG_5851

Getting Liberty’s expression just right

IMG_5859  IMG_5877

Enjoying the late afternoon with a familiar view


Sunset in the Marais district

On Tuesday we met one of my friends from college who now lives in Brussels. We did our best to catch up on the last twenty years!


I think Glen and I look a bit older than we did in college…


A kind of summer “Christmas market” is currently set up along the river in front of the Tower

IMG_5965  IMG_5950

Some of Carolyn’s shots of the Tower


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