Adventures in shopping

Getting the kitchen set up has been the most work since we’ve moved into the apartment. Each time we make another meal, we discover something else we don’t have… like aluminum foil, saran wrap, paper towels… and so on. It wasn’t too hard to find those at one of the markets. But many other things I’ve taken for granted we’ve discovered are nowhere to be found in our kitchen–usually when we need them. I had to use a coffee cup to mix up a dressing since there isn’t any kind of pitcher or even a measuring cup (or measuring spoons). Evelyn picked up a little “cheese and bacon crisp bake” from the British food store and we discovered there wasn’t a baking sheet to heat it up on.

We do, however have plenty of tea sets and loads of sugar in little packets. We also have some great things like escargot utensils, a selection of pastry crimpers, and a wooden holder for protecting your hand while you open oysters. (I’m sure we’ll be putting all of those to use right away!)

IMG_5970 IMG_5971 IMG_5974

We’ve gone shopping at four different groceries in the neighborhood. We found a large Monoprix with a pretty good selection of everything in the lower level of a small shopping mall here in the Passy neighborhood–it even has a Starbucks (Carolyn’s has high hopes for some frappuccinos). There’s another Monoprix even closer, although from the street all we could see was clothing and makeup. But sure enough, tucked way in the back it had a small grocery. Marks & Spencer has plenty of cool imported items; we picked up some cheddar cheese, some Scottish salmon, and Evelyn’s crisp bakes as well as stroopwafles (a family favorite) and honeycomb candy (another family favorite).


Today we went to yet another grocery called Luce and stocked up on more basics, like spices (since we had none), Milka hot chocolate (yes!), keurig capsules (since we have one of those now–I’d never used one before), a new kind of peanut butter to try, tomato soup, rice, and more.

IMG_5988 IMG_5987

IMG_5990 IMG_5986

Oh, and we also picked up some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Paris isn’t so different from home after all!


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