Ten days


We’re really counting down now–Evelyn, Carolyn, and I leave for Paris on July 30th while Merideth will be coming over in mid-August. So we’re working through packing lists, culling through clothes, and making piles for Goodwill. Figuring out which books and games to take. Getting Skype configured. Running errands. I got new glasses for the first time in years, as well as contacts for the first time since college. Tomorrow Evelyn gets her braces off. We got our records from the dentist so we’ll have them when we find one in Paris.

Over the weekend we saw Merideth’s parents for the last time here in the states. And the girls and I are lining up farewells with other friends over these next days. We’re all doing chores that we don’t always think of, but now that we’re going to be gone for a year, we need to get to. Really exciting things like getting the hedge next to the alley trimmed, the furnace cleaned, and the cat’s vaccines up-to-date. Cleaning out the freezer, the pantry, the store room, etc., etc. I don’t think we’ve ever been so organized!


2 thoughts on “Ten days

  1. Wow, it seems just yesterday you had this idea and now it is about to become a reality. So very excited for all of you. Can’t wait to hear all about your great adventure. Peace and love to you all. Bon voyage! Next time I see you, I hope it is in Paris… 🙂 oolala

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