Visa time

The girls have one more day of school and then we head to San Francisco to apply for our visas. Getting everything together for this has been one of the most demanding and anxiety-inducing application experiences ever. I’m pretty sure applying for college was a breeze by comparison! I truly have to keep telling myself it’s all going to work out.

The French consulate requires a ton of paperwork–our passports, birth certificates, marriage certificate, proof of income, a notarized letter saying I won’t try to get a job (and so deprive a French person of employment), documentation of our apartment rental, plane tickets (that’s right–we had to get the apartment rented and plane tickets before getting a visa to actually live there!), proof of medical insurance, and more. Oh–and the actual application forms duly filled out. I’ve gone through it all, double and triple and quadruple checking things. Our appointment is Thursday morning; I’ll be glad when we can hand all of this over!

Here are our mug shots for the application. (Merideth doesn’t need one, since she won’t be in France for more than three months at a time.)


A table full of application documents.