Seattle vs. Paris

Seattle and Paris are two very different cities. Seattle is, in fact, just over twice the size of Paris in terms of area. But Paris has 1.6 million more people packed inside its borders. If Seattle had that kind of population density, it would mean 4,684,558 people would live in the Emerald City.

Let’s look at the numbers:

Stats Seattle Paris
Population 652,405 2,273,305
Land area (square miles) 83.87 40.7
Pop. density (people per square mile) 7,779 55,855

And here’s a cool representation, overlaying the outline of the Seattle city limits over Paris:


All of this is from this cool site:

Of course, numbers are only the beginning of the differences between the two cities. I can think of all sorts of ways the cities differ: how the streets are laid out… the architecture… the Paris Metro (a subway) vs. Seattle Metro (busses)… cathedrals, art museums, and big river (Paris) vs. stadiums, marinas, and a large university campus (Seattle)… the Eiffel Tower vs. the Space Needle… and on and on and on. But we won’t really know how living in Paris is different from living in Seattle until we get there and start living. Which is the whole point.


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