Step Two: a place to stay

The next step after getting the girls into school was to find a place to live. The main criteria: someplace near the school, hopefully close enough for the girls to walk. While we’re there we’ll be getting around on the Metro and the busses. I have zero interest in driving… have you seen the traffic around the Arc de Triomphe? Well, in case you haven’t, here’s a look:


Yeah, that doesn’t look fun at all. So, no car. Which is fine—the Paris Metro is great. Still, ideally we’d find a place to live that’s pretty close to the school. And we have, just a couple blocks away on Rue Raynouard.

We walked much of the neighborhood when we visited the school to get an idea of what the streets are like. Rue Raynouard is fairly quiet, but just a block away from Rue de Passy, which has more shops. A fifteen minute walk leads to the Marmottan museum which features a boatload of Monets. Even closer is the Trocadero and a great weekly market just beyond.

Here’s a look inside the apartment:


The place is fully furnished, and yes, that’s some sort of gramophone thing (although I have no idea if it works). It also doesn’t have a dishwasher, so the girls will be getting used to a new set of chores!


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