Admitted to the International School

Today a much anticipated email came: Evelyn and Carolyn have been accepted to the International School of Paris for the school year beginning this fall. The application process involved filling out plenty of paperwork, getting multiple recommendations from the girls’ current schools, submitting essays from each of them (as well as one by me) along with school records, medical records, and copies of their passports. Yes, “bureaucracy” is a French word.

Both of the girls cheered when I gave them the news after school–cheers of both excitement and relief. Our plans really have been hinging on the girls getting accepted–I really couldn’t see myself homeschooling them in Paris! We can’t quite pack our bags yet, but this marks a significant step toward realizing our hope of living in Paris for a year. Next up: securing an apartment and then getting visas to be able to stay in France for a year. More paperwork!


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